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"Take Two" CD
So why have we
called our first CD
"Take Two" ?

Well "Take 1" was back in 1985
(pre- marriage, children etc.) when
we first recorded some live tracks
onto cassette tape, after playing at
local Folk Clubs and eventually
guesting on Piccadilly Radio's "Folk
Span" programme.

After many more gigs at folk clubs
and wine  bars around Cheshire we
took a break, whilst our daughters
were young, but now that they're old
enough to join in we felt it was time
to start again!

We'd been promising ourselves for a long time that we'd do another recording, as we'd collected
a broad range of songs over the years. So 20 years on - encouraged by friends and musicians
along the way - we eventually took the plunge.

Of course, the other way to look at the title is just as an invitation to take a listen to the two of us!
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Recorder:  Paula
Surrey Folk News (June/July 2005)
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