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It's All Just Talk
Some "Audio Clip" Samples

We hope that you will like our music, but appreciate that you might
want a "Taster" before committing your hard-earned money to buying
yet another CD.

Please take a listen to some short extracts from some of the songs
from our recently recorded (Jan 2005) CD
"Take Two" and if you
would like to purchase a copy @ £12 inc. p&p, please place an order
through this web-site or contact us through the "Contact Us" page.
The Water is Wide
Slow Drag/Ragtime Millionaire
Crazy Man Michael
Tall Ships
Download "Tall Ships" sample
Download "Crazy Man Michael" sample
Download "It's All Just Talk" sample
Download "Anji" sample
Download "Slow Drag/Ragtime Millionaire" sample
Download "The Water is Wide" sample
You can either play the sample audio files (.wma format), on the right,
using your
Windows Media Player  - or you can download the MP3
version of the clips individually (below) to automatically play on your
PC's Media Player of choice (or right click to save the file to your PC to
play later).
You can also buy MP3 downloadable files of all the tracks on our CD
via the "Buy CD" page and you will then be able to access/download
the tracks via the Password protected  "Online Downloads" page.
We also have audio clip samples
available for you to download of  all
the songs on our latest CD
"Family Album".

Click Here to go to the download
page for
"Family Album"