Surrey Folk News Review - July 2005
Back in 1985!
About Us
A little on our Music and Background

We have been singing together at folk clubs and pubs from
the early 1980's through to the mid 1990's in and around
Cheshire, having first met at Sandbach Folk Club whilst
Paula was still at college in Alsager.

Having moved to the Banbury area in 1997, and now with two
small children (and no local baby-sitting service available),  
we took a break from performing. However after finding the
"Ride-a-Cock-Horse" Folk Club in Banbury in 2003, and
having been made most welcome, we started singing again.
So after a number of bookings at local folk clubs and
festivals, encouraged by friends and other musicians along
the way, we put together a CD of our music in January 2005
(recorded at Blue Moon Studio, near Banbury) and plan to
use this to help us secure future bookings at folk clubs and
festivals wider afield.

Our Music

We have collected a wide range of songs and tunes over the
past 20 years or so, influenced by many songwriting artists
of our youth such as Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Paul Simon,
Ralph McTell, Joni Mitchell, Lennon & McCartney etc..

As we started to go to Folk Clubs in the 70's and 80's, first to
listen and then starting to play, we came across artists such
as Harvey Andrews, Allan Taylor, Chris While, Arizona Smoke
Review, John James and  (more recently) Mike Silver. You
will find some of their songs in our repertoire.

As well as singing Ballads and some traditional Folk Songs,
influenced by performers such as John James and Martin
Taylor, we also incorporated some Ragtime and Jazz Guitar
tunes and songs into our set.
Quote from Mick Peat of
Radio Derby
when he played Crazy Man Michael track from our
"Take Two" CD on his show on 4/4/05

" I think the CD is excellent. Paula &
Stuart would grace any folk club"
Surrey Folk News (June/July 2005)
Feedback on our
performances and our CDs
via the Guestbooks:
…The really good thing about the "Take
Two" CD
, apart from the quality of the
vocals and guitarist, is that
it does
sound just like you (live)!
John Wright of "Harvest Moon" (Warwick)
Genevieve Tudor's Radio Shropshire
Sunday Folk Programme (12th Feb 2006):
This week Sunday Folk  …
This Sunday we'll meet the Tindalls - they'll be playing live in
the Almost Legendary Middle Studio - and if Les Barker has
had his car fixed he'll be calling in too. We'll also have a bit of
a chat with some award-winning folkies… and help John
Tams reinforce his mantlepiece.

                                    Listen to the Performance:

                             Listen to the Interview:
Artist :  The Tindall Family
live from the Middle Studio
Title:        Landslide
Title:        Tall Ships
Title:        The Water is Wide
Having heard this family at
Chase Folk last night
felt I must comment. An exceptional
performance, great arrangements and
variety of music, beautiful harmonies.
Booked them immediately for
Common Folk
Can`t wait to hear them again.
Margaret P.                                           
"Common Folk" Folk Club organiser

Warwick Folk festival (July 2008)

Hello Stuart and family. Just back from Warwick. An
amazing festival with some equally amazing  acts -
including your family.
I listened to you all for the first time in the Theatre on
Sunday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised -
thought the harmonies and  musicianship was
excellent. Some very moving renditions. Excellent  
solos by you all.
Its very hard to realise that your family is so young when
you hear the maturity in the voices of your daughters. So
many potentially  successful years ahead.
I really do hope that you all manage to stay together and
develop as  a group.
Best wishes for the remainder of the season.
Garry Clarkson (Nottinghamshire)
"Common Folk"  Folk Club (19/02/2009)

Hi Stuart, Paula, Kathryn and Sarah,
Just a mail, to thank you for a lovely evening at Common Folk.  
You were really well received by the audience and the turn out
proved how popular you are in our area.

Your material is diverse, your musicianship is excellent and your
harmonies are amazing and beautiful.  All this combined with
your warmth and stage presence, make "The Tindalls" an
essential booking for any venue.

Paul  (O'Brien) came in as you know rather late, in fact it was on
either the last 2 or 3 of your first set and he just stood
mesmerised by your sound.  His first question was, "Who are
these?"  I can't convey this tone to you in an e mail of course, so
you need to put the emphasis on that question.

So once again "thank you."
Hope the girl's exams go well, but don't ever neglect the music

Margaret & Steve (Organisers)
REVIEWS:         CD Launch Concert 21/3/09
" What can I say..... The old cliche - 'you had to be there' comes to mind.
That has to be one of the best concerts I have been to, if not the best. Beautifully arranged, emotional, warm, full of feeling
and engaging. The girls were just out of this World, wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
We'll keep an eye out for when you are playing next... We can't wait.         I'm still there at the hall!....      Warm Regards to
you and family!"                  David (Truelove), Brackley.