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Photographs by David Humphries
"Live at the Radcliffe
CD by "The Tindalls"
The Radcliffe Centre in Buckingham
is a venue used by "Empty Room
Promotions" to showcase American artists
on tour in the UK, with a focus on
Americana (which is best described as a
mixture of country, folk and rock music).
The support slots are often offered to UK
bands, as an opportunity to show-case
their genre of Folk music to a new
audience and we were delighted to be
invited to perform as support for Kate
Campbell in December 2007.                      
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Across The Sea
We chose a selection of songs from our repertoire that we hoped would span English Acoustic Folk and Americana to
interest this new audience.  

So with songs from English composers Jonathan Kelly, Stan Graham, Harvey Andrews, Chris While and Eric Clapton as
well as US composers such as Bruce Springsteen , Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Matt Slocum we hoped that this mix
of music would entertain our audience.   

We'd like to thank Richard & Linda Watkins for their expertise on the sound desk and for making the multi-track recording
of the concert on the night, Mark Lee at Blue Moon Studio for mixing the concert and Mike Trotman for having the courage to
book us based on hearing our 2005 CD "Family Album".