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The Tindalls Promo Photo for the Banbury Folk Festival Oct 2005
Photograph by Derek Evans taken for the
Banbury Canalside Folk festival (Oct 2005)
"Family Album" CD by
"The Tindalls"

"Family Album"

Having got a taste for recording, after
putting together the "Take Two" CD,
we were keen to record  some of the
songs that we had been playing for
a number of years as a duo and on
which the girls were now adding
backing vocals and other

Landslide, Wandering, Big Yellow
and Chelsea Morning all feature
them on backing vocals whilst
Rhiannon features Sarah playing
Bass and Kathryn performing Lead
vocals and playing Rhythm guitar.
They share the lead vocals on
Know Why

his was also an opportunity to
record one of the songs we'd written,
and to work with some other
fantastic musicians who were
willing to help us with the project.
A Big Thank You .....

We'd like to thank Chris Leslie, Gordon Raitt, Nick
Planas, Jane Griffiths and Barnabas Morse-Brown for
adding their musical flair on some of the tracks.
As a result of their participation on this CD, Gordon, Nick
and Chris have inspired Sarah and Kathryn to add further
to their instrumental repertoire on Bass, Flute (and
potentially violin) in playing with us on a number of our
songs at our live performances.

Also, special thanks to Mark Lee at Blue Moon Studios,
Banbury, whose engineering skills, support and patience
kept us going though the whole recording process.
The Tindalls Family Album CD Image
The Tindalls Family Album CD Back cover image with track listing
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Photography: Martin Gaskin
  Now Playing:                Rhiannon Audio Clip:
  Lead Vocal:          Kathryn (age 10)
  Bass:                    Sarah (age 13)
  Rhythm Guitar     Kathryn
  Backing Vocals:  Paula & Stuart
  Guitar:                   Stuart